Resolute to Resolutions

Not too sure that makes sense…

But here’s where I’m at, I want a New Year’s Resolution Post.

Most years I’m like, “Meh, why have a New Year’s Resolution, everyone does.”

But the more I talk with people it seems that lots of people say that! So I think it’s more unique to do the ‘traditional’ thing and make one in January.

There are allot of things I want this year to be.

I’m sure I can make it whatever I choose to make it.

Well I think I’ll just start listing:

I want a new style. Think Marilyn Monroe/BettyBoop/Rhianna’s hair (maybe not) /My own twist.

Start more paintings and welding sculptures

Get out more.

Get my daily excersize quota (already do… but let’s stick with that one again this year)

Be awesome (yes… more awesome than I am now)

Get a New camera.


Stopping now before I set myself up for disappointment.

Alright, signing out.