Starting To See Light Again…

lightsIn the same week, I had a huge attitude adjustment….

I had a huge pile of awesome land on my lap.

Although I wasn’t outright upset or angry, it was hard knowing that I had

no.1: No Job… or prospects for anything turning up.

no.2: No one available to help my with setting up counselor or headaches, or health in general ( A WHOLE other topic)


Without any force, or huge extension of major effort or struggle it was as if a gift given came to me.

Started Friday, and interview and a simple clothing store that offered me a part-time position with minimum wages, but as a safe, simple job. YAY!

Then Friday afternoon, had a specialist phone about setting up a counselor, and talked with me for over an HOUR, about life, advice, and consolation that things will get better.

Never had I ever had such a great talk with a professional, of any sorts, that genuinely wanted to help. Felt so relieved and enjoyed the entire experience.

Ahhhhh felt hope.

Then, the biggest surprise of them all!

I was approached by the owner of the gym I regularly attend, and he asked little bit about why I come to the gym.

Of course I blabbed about how much it changed my life and how it’s great thing everyone should do… etc etc etc.

Anyone with Passion about wellness would understand.

He smiled and said, “I thought so..”

He then asked me what I’ve been up to, and if I had a job.

I told him about my current situation, how I came back to my hometown…

He said, “Would you ever consider training?”

A huge grin crossed my face and he knew my answer.

He then said, ” Well, what would you think about coming in this week and I’ll show you around, I have papers you can fill out and we can start as soon as you want. You can take this as far as you want, and the staff here will certify you and help you build a clientele, all the while you can help out and get paid to run the gym.”

Mouth dropped to my feet, smile in my eyes and instant thought, “Impossible, impossible… so great.”

That was my no.3

My No.4 was the selling of my old winter tires to get money to buy groceries and have gas money to do errands in town and for Christmas.

Sometimes, it’s almost as if you need an attitude adjustment, before you can move on to better things so that you appreciate them more, and will have way more jeart into them.

Not for selfish desires but a knowing that it was a gift you will not forget.

I do feel I am finally seeing some light again.

Until this point it was just a knowing that there would be light, and I couldn’t lay down in darkness waiting for it to come to me, I had to keep pushing and not give up.


This is the beginning,

i am just seeing a glimpse of this,

and it’s been a short time already



I’ve Learned…

I’ve learned…

that doing the right thing is not always the easy thing

waiting for results, is TIME… Doesn’t happen over night

a hug is to pain, and a band-aid is to a cut

good intentions mean that another person failed to understand or see the reason behind your actions

that it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN you hurt someone you love

to know great pain, is to know great love

to never presume the good OR bad

true friends want the best for you, not for themselves

there’s a fine line between being generous and being taken advantage of

It’s not about winning, it’s about saying you tried

letting go is not as bad as holding onto something that shouldn’t be

when you think you are in control of life… is when life’s in control of you

moderation,  is one of the most important, single word to live by

that happiness is not based on any part of a materialistic world

a genuine smile is the best thing you can wear

that the admittance of struggles is a sign of strength

the more I learn, the less intelligent I feel


– To Be Continued…


I am back!

…After a long ‘holiday’ away from my WhitestWash Blog, I have returned to take care of my neglected site.

My energy and focus has been on photography itself, life, work, website, and NOW blog it baby!

I’m hoping to post about what’s happening in WhitestWash’s Life, as well as others that are involved.

Photo tips, photo posts, Photo-shop tutorials, self-portraiture, life tid-bits, music (since it inspires me to work hours on my computer at times)

Those are some topics that will be covered in this blog.

I hope there’s something on that list that interests you! And if not, well your loss ūüėČ


And I will chat at you soon enough


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Resolute to Resolutions

Not too sure that makes sense…

But here’s where I’m at, I want a New Year’s Resolution Post.

Most years I’m like, “Meh, why have a New Year’s Resolution, everyone does.”

But the more I talk with people it seems that lots of people say that! So I think it’s more unique to do the ‘traditional’ thing and make one in January.

There are allot of things I want this year to be.

I’m sure I can make it whatever I choose to make it.

Well I think I’ll just start listing:

I want a new style. Think Marilyn Monroe/BettyBoop/Rhianna’s hair (maybe not) /My own twist.

Start more paintings and welding sculptures

Get out more.

Get my daily excersize quota (already do… but let’s stick with that one again this year)

Be awesome (yes… more awesome than I am now)

Get a New camera.


Stopping now before I set myself up for disappointment.

Alright, signing out.