When things get a little Rocky…

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Don’t give up,

Get back up, and brush off the baggage that you have been piling up.

Every moment in a day, a week, a month, an hour is a time to begin

It’s not about starting over its about moving forward

To dwell on things of the past, things completed and things that are not in your control…

well quite frankly aren’t worth any time in your little minds

To fret, to stress, to worry that you’ve either made the biggest mistake of your life, or even think how you could’ve done better….

Only gets you more down, and it’s like crawling on the ground counting the grains of sand that have no purpose for you.

Is it good to reflect? To move to somewhere healthy or positive?


At first if you need to jump, jump into arms of someone you can trust

If there’s no light near, use caution, jumping might mean setting yourself up for failure again

A fall could make or break you.

It’s not a break if you get back up

Each time you choose to do what you know is good, or keep on getting back up …. The STRONGER SMARTER and better person you will become

To know the good days, you also must know that bad.

Or else… what makes a good day good?

Take a breath, a look around and seek out light, comfort and truth

I don’t know if it’s about the race, or the journey or just the lessons we learn and what we choose to do with them.

I can’t help but think of it like training, you must have

endurance: to make it to the end

speed: to run past your struggles and negative in this world

power: overcome your deamons

strength: when the time comes to hold yourself up and someone else….

And not every time will you make it… but keep training

Keep trying

Keep moving

And catch your breath when you’re tired… because there’s someone there to help you on the way



Love Life?

What would happen if we all just saw the negative in the world?

What if the down right dirty, and wrong things that happen were all we could think of?


What if all we could see is the good?

Then we would forget the lessons we learnt in the bad.

I think it’s time to embrace both, and that’s what is called life.

The good, the bad, the ugly… and heck the frickin’ awesome!


Taking a photo can be a reminder of those things.

It could be a sunset, a flawless face, or even the grungy alley of a city.

And to take something unpleasant, and make it appealing to the eye, is also a great thing.
If the world were a perfect place, photography wouldn’t be as moving as it is, because there would be nothing to compare it to.


K.I.S.S. ~Keep it Simple

A lot of people don’t realize that a crowded picture doesn’t look good simply because it’s crowded.

I’m talking about flowers and ladders and props here and there all in the same frame.

Sometimes make me think, “Arghhh move all that crap out of the way so I can see the beauty without all the props

Often a key prop, such as an antique chair, a single baloon etc, can add dimension, color, a story or message in your photo. But without overwhelming the viewer.

On the other hand, maybe that’s the look you want, crowded, busy, and confusing, then this post is not for you.

It’s fun to play around with minimalist shots. A girl, holding a single red baloon in an open field.

A boy holding a small stone.

A couple holding hands with an umbrella.

Not a girl with a lollipop, and balloon in an old barn, wearing cowboy boots. Although all great ideas, separate, all together is like someone threw up all their ideas into a photograph.

This of course is an opinion, and as such should be taken as so.

You may think I’m crazy, and boring.

So that is okay, it’s what I have learnt in  my experience.



Srsly…wttrash is S.A. thinking

The good ol’ town so many of us reside in, or at one time have stopped in the local Timmies for a cup o’ hocho.

Well… sometimes this town shows it’s colors in ways that make us shake our heads in confusion.

For example :

Ummmmm sooo this once was a sketchy DQ place… then a “FISHY EATS” now some awful burger / fish/ breakfast place.







Or check this out:

This poor dude’s been suckered into lowering his manly self-esteem great amounts by holding a sign to buy pizza….

Wonder how many people honk…









And the place we all so wish we had time to go to:

WAIT!!! What if I’m only 18 and I REALLLLLLY want to go to Bingo???\

Dagnabit…(think that’s how you spell that) I CAN’T.

OO boy one more year and I get to play with the 69+





But… It does have it’s perks… and can be a beautiful place, with beautiful people.


Create A Story

Tips on Giving depth to Your Photo-shoot

1) Does not matter who you are taking pictures of, or what, work with it.

Create a character as similar, or unsimilar to their own character…

2) Create a story!

Where are they?

What just happened to them?

Are they happy? Are they melancholy?

Decide those things for them.

3) Setting.

Yes it’s important.

Doesn’t matter where really… more like WHAT might be distracting or taking away from the story.

Too many branches around… signs… cars that look out of place.

You want the attention where it should be.

4) Lighting.

If the lighting is gloomy and it needs to be sunny, be prepared to use a software to add warmth, OR change the date.

If it’s sunny and you want it gloomy, choose shadows, and perhaps a ‘gloomy’ location (cemetery etc.)


The biggest thing is details, and it shouldn’t take too much effort, if it is let it go a little.

Have fun, and if your idea isn’t working then just re-think it.

Good luck!