Let’s Recap


Let’s just say I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions, or setting goals etc for the new year. You never know what the year will bring, and cannot control life.

I do believe in constantly setting goals from what life has to offer, and goals of handling opportunities, issues, life tragedies or complications with a mindset of growing.

Recap of 2016:

Definitely a tough year for me. I have thrived at my place of work, and challenging myself every day. I surpassed all my goals of growing in the company and pushing myself to new limits. If there’s one thing I have learned, and I owe my dad for, is hard work, integrity and persistence can get you far in life.

It was not easy, and there were many days where I just had to laugh because the insanity of managing it without loosing my mind seemed impossible.

Of course with anything when you can see the light in distance, it’s always easier to push on.

2016 could easily be labelled ” Year of the Headache”. As I suffered with a headache nearly every day, with the exception of probably a week in total. This took my daily challenges to a level where I just wanted to stay in bed and not face the day.

The thought of not IF but WHEN I was going to have my headache over take me in an energy draining pain.

Medical system here terrible, no answers, and no relief.

I’m slowly discovering way that has helped relieve the pain through diet and supplements, however it still is a long journey.

A great loss of this year also took my heart for a ride. You can never be prepared for a loss. Or predict how you will react or deal with it.

Through this, I have re-discovered how strong I am. One thing is for sure, I am NOT a quitter. When things get tough, I tell myself ” It always gets better, I promise”

What to take from this:

  • Don’t settle, you never master anything. Always room for improvement
  • When you think you can’t, you really can
  • When you don’t get answers from someone, find them yourself
  • It’s okay to say no
  • Not everyone will understand your journey, and they don’t have to
  • Be angry, be sad, be happy, be excited…
  • ” To know great pain, is to know great love”
  • It’s overused, but so true… You can’t give up, you give up you might as well be dead
  • It’s in the crazy times you will get the greatest lessons

And if there’s one thing I’d like to say to anyone who reads this:

We all struggle, and I know I have and always will with something at some point in my life. So hold close to what matters, that has meaning. Instead of looking at what ” you could have, could have been, should have done” look at what great things you are doing, great people in your life, great potential that is there inside of you.

If I dwelled on the negativity, the deeds done to me that I cannot change, the people I have lost, or what I do not have… I’d be miserable.

Instead, I think of how I’m going to be the positive light, to show those who might need some inspiration, that if I can do it, so can they.


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