It’s Not All About YOU

Peace and LoveSelfish Intentions…

Probably one of the most toxic things to our health… and well-being.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t struggle, or have been and done very self-centered things.

Some harmless, and unfortunately some harmful to myself and others.

We keep our time to ourselves so we aren’t available to others…

We spend our money on ourselves thinking that will make us happy…

We seek out self-pleasing activities that benefit just US…

Work for US to spend money on US to make US look like a ‘perfect’ person….

To what??? To feel good?

To seclude ourselves from the rest of society?


What would happen if we focused on making money to ENABLE us to help

Be involved with the community

Instead of COMPLAINING about how our town or city isn’t good enough, or that our friends or family don’t treat us right,

Maybe we need to focus on the outside world, and how we can selflessly give our time, our money, our emotions, or whatever we value and share it with someone.

I’ve had a time in my life, where I could say I had ‘control’ over those things

At least I thought I did.

I had the perfect job, had money, looked good, had a great car… knew what to say, when to say it…

I was alllllright.

But deep down inside empty, meaningless, and unhappy.

I was not doing anything to cultivate healthy relationships, or have involvement in helping a community that could really benefit from someone who DID have money, health etc to help.

Instead I got greedy and wanted MORE.

Wanted ME to look BETTER

Wanted ME to have MORE

And let me tell you, the best thing that happened,

was loosing all those things.

Made me stop.

FORCED me to stop.

Look around, at the mess I had made.

The people I hurt, crushed,

walked over and used, not intentionally, but indirectly to get more for myself.

Well that person isn’t part of who I am daily striving to be.

I do not have what I did then,

the superficial items of this world, but I do have this…

I have life, and my life is to not just exist but to continue to give my selfishness, so that what I do get is a blessing, and then I can pay it forward.

To someone who hasn’t yet reached where I have, or maybe in the same position I am in.

Nothing has been more rewarding than to see someone being helped who needs it more than I do.

Which in this world there is ALWAYS someone who is in need of anything from an encouraging word, to a bag of groceries.

And the BEST part, is that no one can stop you from giving.

Except yourself.



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