Daily Resolutions


  1. 1.
    a firm decision to do or not to do something.
    “she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more”
    • a formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body, committee, or other formal meeting, typically after taking a vote.
      “the conference passed two resolutions”
    • the quality of being determined or resolute.
      “he handled the last French actions of the war with resolution”
  2. 2.
    the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.
    “the peaceful resolution of all disputes”

2013 is wrapping up and 2014 is on it’s way within days.

And if you’re like myself, you’ll be spending some time thinking back on the past 365 days and thinking of what you want the next year to look like,

what you want to accomplish, and achieve, and to decide to become,

what goal you will get to,

what habits you’ll break,

what relationships you’ll work harder on,

how you will better yourself/or others

AND at the back of your mind you’ll be thinking, How many YEARS does it take to keep to my new years resolutions, and does making

“resolutions” make a difference?


Well I’m thinking, and have kind of had this thought for a while,

I saw FORGET new YEARS resolutions, and stick with a DAILY resolution.

That’s right.

Or maybe a week, or even just an hour!

I have many things I WISH for in 2014, and have an idea of where I want to be, but to get there, I gotta decide for each day what I’m’ going to tackle.

“reach for the stars, and you might land on the moon”

Well, I say I’m gonna aim for a little step for each day, because it is attainable each day at a time, and each day you work closer and closer to how you want to be and live.

Just like anything GREAT in this world did NOT happen overnight,

Nether will a great person, a great lifestyle, a great body, a great mind, a great relationship, a great ANYTHING without little steps/ dedication DAILY, even hourly towards what you want.

If I took what I want to be and decided I need to get there ASAP and wasn’t allowed to mess up along the way, in fear of not getting there soon enough…

Well I can guarantee I’d be stressed, disappointment, and WAY to self-critical

To Resolute, or Not?

I vote yes.

Have a long-term destination, wherever that may be… The moon, the stars, or Thailand 😉

But don’t think you’ll get there tomorrow, instead decide when tomorrow comes what you will do to become closer to where you want to be for that resolution.

Anyways, signing out

To Be Continued…







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