There will always be lemons

l!f3So today wasn’t the greatest of days,

To spare the drama and details of the exact whom, what, where, when and how I’ll say it’s as simple as this:

“Today I had another human make me feel like a useless piece of garbage, worthy of nothing than to be thrown out and trampled on… then spat on, then thrown out again…

You get the idea… just from WORDS spoken to me.

About my past, and decisions made.

How funny is that? That something I did in the past, which does not define who I am today,

was thrown in my face…

And fair enough, that happens from time to time.

First thought was… “Ugh…. I think I’m gonna be sick..”

Then it was “They’re right, I’m a horrible person..”

It just escalated…

It was turning into a very ‘lemon moment’ for a day. Not nice.

But when you’re faced with a tough feeling, and thoughts racing you have to decide what you’re going to do with those thoughts.

And I like to think I’ve come out learning for the better.

I thought these things

” I am sorry for things I have done, I made a mistake that time”

“That does not mean that is who I am today”

” I will learn from those mistakes”

” I am not perfect but will make sure I take the bad and good in this day, and may the bad turn into good”

Was too easy to start thinking of how I used to be, thoughts, actions, lifestyle etc of my past and dwell on it, and become more and more unhappy.

But what good is it to me if I stay there? Or just stop and let someone else’s WORDS define myself?

Useless, meaningless.

I will not stop, I’ve only begun.

I will move forward.

I will strive to be a better person each day, and in each day , every hour focus on what matters.

So what if not every day is ‘perfect’ and sometimes is a basket of lemons… I’ll deal with that 😉

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