Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated

Today was day No.2 for working in retail…
Not so bad all in all, except I forgot how draining it actually gets when there is a ‘customer service’ filter you have to use for everything you say and do.
You can’t just go around telling old people ”
Yo, that sweater is siiiiick awesome! I dig that owl ”
or “Nah, that knitted vest with the squirrel is super lame looking”
You say thing’s like ” That tone of blue is great! really brings out your eyes”
or ” Hmmm not sure about the cut and shape on that top, the other one looked better.”
You sugar coat it,
make is sound good
make it look good
Sell the product
Hard for me to do? Nah, I’m an expert.
It’s easy!
Hard to feel good about it after a long day when you really want to be a more down to earth sales person.
Unfortunately large corporations don’t have as much wiggle room for that style.
You have to dress the part, set up those lame plan-o-grams and shove compliments and ahem… BS down everyone’s throat.
Guess that was a bit of a rant…
But everything is said to make it seem ‘less harsh’
And I’m not totally sold on that theory of dealing with things anymore.
Should we all be abrasive, harsh people without sensitivities? Not exactly…
But people need to know the reality of things sometimes, and take the big ugly truth pill.
You all know what I’m talking about. Could be for any issue.
But that’s what I’m going to focus on this week, paying attention to the lies society feed us and ‘candy coat’ them, and what I do without thinking that hold people from what they should know without making it look like it’s okay.

One thought on “Sugar Coated

  1. Tracey, Thanks so much for being “real” and sharing. Have I told you I love you!!! Hang in there. You are right though, it is not easy to work with the public, especially when we are made to feel we have to lie to the customer and not be able to say,” actually Miss, I think that style on you doesn’t do you justice, how bout trying this?” instead we are to say whatever to make the sale right? and then some customers took their grumpy pills and are rude and we are to still be “professional and nice” instead of ripping their heads off for being rude to us! lol All that said though, I think you are great with people Tracey, don’t let those few “bad eggs” or the “retail lies” get you down, It always amazes me how 1 bad egg can wreck our whole day and the 20 really great ones are not even noticed after we’ve been pooped on, the secret is to keep the funny ones foremost in your mind and let the others run off your back without another thought. Easier said then done, but I know you can do it because you are pretty incredible!! one little step, and another little step….keeping putting that foot in front of the other!

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