A Recipe

This is my recipe to maintain a sound body, and sound mind

Most of the time… 🙂

It is a lot of things, and sometimes I don’t need to do it all,

but if I want to keep my mind and body in the right place, well I thought I would share this.

First of all, everything in somewhat moderation, but that is different for everyone I suppose.

I am avoid junk/processed food say..85% of the time

The other 15% is called PMS fools. Deal with it

Eat what I would say a balanced diet, avoiding gluten, sugars, simple sugars and having plently of EGGS and veggies

Limit coffee to a cup a day, and try only 5 days a week


Lots, but the main ones are OMEGA 3, FULL spectrum amino acids, Vitamin D, MCT Oil, and digestive enzyme.

No big deal

I get my 7-10 hours of sleep.

Take Melatonin to ensure I sleep like a boss

I inject B12 in my leg for stress, and increase in energy once a week

( I do not advise this unless you’ve seeked a medical professional)

EXCERSIZE! Change it up, absolutely once a week no questions asked, BUT

usually 4-5 times a week workout

Music, yes! music, lots of it

And I like the stuff no one else listens to…. so not the radio is what I’m saying, BUT sometimes I like some mainstream tunes too.

this gets me in the ZONE!

Photog time.

Photography is that hobby that gets me out of the house and brings out my creative side.

Well this is  the bulk of it. There are many little things I do, but I must say one thing, it’s not that I”m crazy, it’s just a lifestyle I do to live a full and enjoyable life

YES YES, I eat chocolate, and laze around and watch tv sometimes,but that is not my lifestyle

Get it?

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