‘Tis The Season Folks

Today I was thinking… OH SNAP, Christmas is just a few days away! Really? It has kind of creeped up this year. And let me tell you, it’s weird.

Probably cause it’s the first year I will not be with my family. I’ve been trying to come up with things to do to make Christmas special, and I kind of suck at it!! But for me, it has a lot to do with the sounds, smells, and overall CHILLness about it.

SO this is a little bit of what I will make sure I have and do!

1) Advent Calandars (thanks mom….. And a little bit’o chocolate a day, can’t go wrong!)

2) Christmas Lights, inside da house. Just love ’em. The white ones that is. The color ones, they’re cool too

3) Mandarine Oranges. Yup. They’re awesome. And who doesn’t think of Christmas as they peel back that cutesy little orange?

4) Scented Candles like pine, cinnamon, spiced pumpkin and what not. Mmmmmmm the SMELLLL of Christmas (if you are too lazy like me to bake… and get fat off the baking…)

5) Chocolate Oranges (To gain weight off something…) And to hit people over the head with to crack!!! sO MUCH fun.

6) Gingerbread house. The house that looks so good to eat, but tastes like nasty things. PS: make sure you get the pre-made gingerbread, cause the homemade stuff is wayyyyy to complicated

7) Christmas Music!! Duh. Something like this mix http://8tracks.com/jotterbook/merry-x-mush

Other than that, make sure you send out cards to the people you care about, and want to make sure you say what you wanted to say all year, but didn’t

And if I had it my way, I’d be able to see all my family and friends, and catch up, and sip on eggnog and hit everyone on the head with a chocolate orange. Then stay up all night, making snow angels and mutant snowmen.

Well… can’t have everything.

SO Merry Christmas ya’ll!

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