You and the Camera

So you have a camera.

How much have you used it?

There are many little things to learn about each camera, tricks, settings, and so on.

Having worked in a camera store, you end up figuring out general settings and layouts that are similar and every camera.

But as far as what type of photo you’ll get, depends on the user and the camera’s insides.

If we’re talking Point and Shoot cameras, most don’t have a manual option, and in fact, it’s way easier to just use the automatic settings.

Keep it on the main Auto Function and you’ll be good, except the Landscape mode on all cameras are usually quite good for Landscapes I must say.

If we are talking SLR, then I must say Manual is the way to go.

And to keep this Blog entry short, I will give you beginners THE EASIEST MANUAL SETTING, that forces flash OFF, and gives you that natural lighting you WANT.

Turn your dial to the PROGRAM mode (P on the dial)

Then you want to go into your ISO options (In MENU>Camera Shooting Settings)

Make sure it’s on AUTO ISO (this automatically picks your ISO depending on your camera)




You can also set a limit on how HIGH you ISO is allowed to go to ( To be sure there’s less grain )

Like I said, each camera is different, so a more expensive one might have more of these options.



In manual modes (P, as in PROGRAM mode)

you can see if you adjust other settings such as:

– Quality (Raw, Fine, Normal etc.)

– White Balance

– Color Schemes

– Metering

And if you don’t know what any of those things are… I will explain in my next blog!

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