Srsly…wttrash is S.A. thinking

The good ol’ town so many of us reside in, or at one time have stopped in the local Timmies for a cup o’ hocho.

Well… sometimes this town shows it’s colors in ways that make us shake our heads in confusion.

For example :

Ummmmm sooo this once was a sketchy DQ place… then a “FISHY EATS” now some awful burger / fish/ breakfast place.







Or check this out:

This poor dude’s been suckered into lowering his manly self-esteem great amounts by holding a sign to buy pizza….

Wonder how many people honk…









And the place we all so wish we had time to go to:

WAIT!!! What if I’m only 18 and I REALLLLLLY want to go to Bingo???\

Dagnabit…(think that’s how you spell that) I CAN’T.

OO boy one more year and I get to play with the 69+





But… It does have it’s perks… and can be a beautiful place, with beautiful people.


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