Create A Story

Tips on Giving depth to Your Photo-shoot

1) Does not matter who you are taking pictures of, or what, work with it.

Create a character as similar, or unsimilar to their own character…

2) Create a story!

Where are they?

What just happened to them?

Are they happy? Are they melancholy?

Decide those things for them.

3) Setting.

Yes it’s important.

Doesn’t matter where really… more like WHAT might be distracting or taking away from the story.

Too many branches around… signs… cars that look out of place.

You want the attention where it should be.

4) Lighting.

If the lighting is gloomy and it needs to be sunny, be prepared to use a software to add warmth, OR change the date.

If it’s sunny and you want it gloomy, choose shadows, and perhaps a ‘gloomy’ location (cemetery etc.)


The biggest thing is details, and it shouldn’t take too much effort, if it is let it go a little.

Have fun, and if your idea isn’t working then just re-think it.

Good luck!

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