Services and Products Of  Whitest Wash

Artwork & Prints:

–          Original art pieces

–          Prints of original artwork

–          Photographs for art & display purposes

–          Sculptures by request

–          Personalized art work & or photographs

$15.00- over $100.00

Creative Portraits:

–          Personalized photo-shoot, client has say in location, style, wardrobe

–          CD included & Choice of enlargement

–          Standard rate


Professional Photoshop Retouching & Restoration:

–          Retouching for personal photographs & professional photographs

–          Proof is given before client is charged

–          Removal of objects, color enhancements, or any special requests

–          Photo restoration of old photographs (tears, color fade, color correction, water damage)

–          Prices range



–          Any requests as far as wedding to baby photography is accepted

–          Personalized to clients style, location, and other preferences

–          3 choice of packages (Photos, Digital, Combo)

$100.00 and up


–          Letterhead, business cards, logo design

–          Invitations, cards

–          Slideshows

–          Special Requests

–          Reasonable rates

$20.00 and up

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