As I sit here…

As I sit here, 
Sipping my Pom-Berry tea,
Can’t help but think about life, love, experiences… That define who I am today.
In the moment of struggle there seems to be no hope and giving up is the easiest way… 
But its NOT the way you build confidence, power, strength, perservearance, and character.
Pushing through to the end, finishing what you started.
If it was easy we would all be doing it. But its not.
The days I think that there’s nothing out there but the same old…
I feel miserable.
But if you train urself to think of the endless possibilities today will hold, and embrace what umm… ‘lessons’ come ur way,
Things may really pick up.

Note to self: read what you just blogged about.
Apply to self.

Writing this is really just a reminder for me, as well to others.

I hope you will take today as is,
And don’t give up.

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