It’s been a mad frenzy here…

With Christmas… holidays, work, house painting…. etc etc

I have had little time to fill my web page with some of my work.

But HOLD TIGHT! It’s on it’s way, come January there will be more to look at, more to buy from and more….

I’ve had time to start little projects and hopefully finish them before not too long.

There seems to always be an endless amount of possibilities as far as art goes.

Some days I have so many ideas I have to just let them all simmer a bit before I can begin thinking of making them into a reality.

If there is anyone willing to be a subjects of some of my ideas just drop a line.

Art is subject to each persons taste. And for me it’s a concept…which has been, as best as possible, portrayed in a way that communicates that concept.

I try to do that with my pieces.

With some I plan to have the meaning of a few attached in a section either on my Etsy or Website.

ANYWAYS… of to everyday routine, and to-do lists… AHHH and work. Work.

Thought I would do a little update on everything.

Signing out now.

MERRY Christmas (Oh snap, yes I said it)

And enjoy the time before as well.


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