Feels like another Christmas…

Christmas is on it’s way…

This is how I know, there is a checklist:

– Snow

– Mandarine Oranges

– Egg Nog on the shelves at grocery stores

– Music with songs like Jingle Bells…

– Tinsle decor in stores

And it all happens way to soon! It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘hype’.

I know I do. But there is allot to enjoy that doesn’t envolve the stress of gift buying, being in crowded stores…

Endulging in fattening food, or spending just way to much money on junk.

Go for a walk.

Yes, I know it’s frickin cold out.

But on a gosh darn hat and gloves.

Of course a coat!

Enjoy a crisp  stoll among the snowy or slushie streets.

After you are done, cuddle up with a blankie near a candle for light and just sit and think of all the friends and family you care about.

When you wake up the next day do as you usually do,

but rememer what you did the night before.

The life you live everyday has allot of little possibilities to make it more than a routine.

Your not a ROBOT!

You don’t have to act like the rest of  them out there running around like crazies.

Take a reality check YO!

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