When life gets boring…

– Blast some crazy music  (Try my playlist http://hypem.com/#/tracex)

– Dance around in your underwear (Tip: Do this in the privacy of your home)

– Make a smoothie with EVERY FRUIT and anything you can think of in it

– Make cookies without a recipe

– Buy a flower and give it to someone you don’t know

– Organize your bathroom products in Alphabetical order

– Take a picture of yourself and try to make it look like an Avatar (I’m sure you’ve done that already… eh eh)

– Buy 20 Helium balloons and walk around town

– Knit something (then you’ll realize that life isn’t as boring as THAT)

– Do a finger painting and try to sell it for a ridiculous amount of money on Ebay

– Drink coffee ( oh wait… that’s what everyone should be doing anyways….)

–  Go jogging in snow pants and touque

– Do your day backwards (starting from the point where you JUST about go to bed….)

– Buy a Sham-wow (I think that’s how you say that)

– Roll down a hill

– Write a list of things to do when you think life is boring

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