Is there anything so good…that isn’t bad

True Goodness….

Everything, I believe can be good AND bad.

There is NO one thing that doesn’t have a negative effect when used incorrectly.

Let me clarify…

Take Chocolate for example.

It is a WONDERFUL substance, it cures PMS, tastes delicious, helps your mood, and comes in so many tempting flavors.

HOWEVER, say you had chocolate EVERY day you may start to notice a little more pudge in some places, or suffer from a slight indigestion 😉

Or something that everyone uses, everyday. And is a neccessity of life WATER

You wouldn’t think that floods are all that great, even if it meant that there was BOUNTIFUL amounts of water, it is simply just too much.

The list goes on… entertainment, music, sex, money, food, clothing (or lack of…) and even love.

In life,  I think that it’s best to indulge within reason, use only what you need, and simply love & think of others as much as possible, knowing that if any of those things are abused, there will be an opposite reaction, from your action.

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