It was quaint…it was fun…it was us

It started out after work.

Finished at 6:14

Locked up

The ran to my car…. possibly going a little faster than I should have to my place of residence to pick up the selected shoes

Camera in bag

I stepped through the door, there they were

They were getting the details

White lilacs were on the table…

Upstairs there was the outfit I would be wearing

Shining tourquoise blue

On the bed were other pieces I would be wearing

A headband with netting

Primp, comb, blow-dry, slop on some makeup…. PERFECT

I slid on my dress… with my antique gloves, and set my headpiece on

The setting was great.

Simple, quiet, outdoors…

Excitement, no stress… no worries

We both knew what we wanted

Before we both were present

My family were arrived

Shock is a good adjective to describe both parties

Short and sweet.

Personal vows.

A kiss.

A support of prayers

I love you

One thought on “It was quaint…it was fun…it was us

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