The Ambiance, What the heck is ambiance?

: a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing : atmosphere
Everyone likes a nice atmosphere when it comes to stores, places to eat or visiting someone else’s place.
What defines that?
I believe it is individual, for the most part.
The  way someone is raised or the scents the memories an individual loves will depict how much they like a particular place
There are the OBVIOUS places that are unpleasant such as… the dentist.
It would be just gosh darn CREEEPY if they had candles lit, music playing and the scent of turkey dinner
Or even school.
Never have I walked into school and thought, “Oh I like this school, such a GREAT ATMOSPHERE” ha…HA Nope, never
A place can become defined my it’s ambiance alone.
At a restaraunt the food can be crappy, but if the mood, decor, scent, AHEM… Ambiance is great, WHO CARES
Right? *well sometimes

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