Who cares what the heck the person sitting next to you thinks about what you are doing. WHO CARES.

If they have an opinion on something, maybe something you’re doing, it’s good to listen (out of respect)

But when the time comes for you to decide if you should do what they say, or take on THEIR opinion for your own……

Choose carefully. And back it up against what your values and opinions are.

In this world there is no RIGHT opinion

So why do we care what others think of us? Or what we do? Or what we wear? Or what we didn’t wear….

Those people do not depict who we are, nor do they choose our lifestyles for us.

It is up to us to make up our minds on things, BUT be open to new ideas, so I guess try not to be a stick in the mud

But when the thought “Oh… I wonder what __________ thinks”


Then rethink that thought

“Who cares what __________ thinks… this is my life”

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