I <3 Betty Boop

Betty as sex symbol

  • Betty Boop is known as the first and one of the most famous sex symbols on cartoons. She was a symbol of the Depression Era… and  a reminder of the more carefree days ofJazzzzzz and the”Flappers”
  • Betty Boop made her first appearance in *Drum-roll Please* August 9, 1930 in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes.
  • Betty appeared in ten cartoons as a supporting character, a flapper girl with less BRAINS than her big heart.
  • With cartoons she was called “Nancy Lee” and “Nan McGrew”
  • She was drawn with a head bigger than normal for an adult but normal for a baby. This was to represent the combination of slight girlishness, but maturity many people saw in the “flapper”  type which Betty Boop was supposed to represent.
  • Betty’s “innocence” on screen was carefully looked after. Most times.
  • TODAY: Very iconic image of women coming out with more RISQUE behavior

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