It doesn’t come from what choices we make, or what circumstances we are in.

That seems to be a common misconception.

It is purely state of mind, Am I right?

When you CHOOSE true happiness, it will come from your contentness within yourself (Okayokay I know contentness isn’t a word wutevaaa)

Life above regret. Meaning: Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up about it. Deal with the consequences or rewards with each choice.

It’s not meant to be easy living in today’s world. Or at any time has it ever been.

But I say it’s best to walk around like your crazy…CRAZY HAPPY and cheery than the opposite.

Enjoy the little things and LIVE IN THE MOMENT but THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE>

Do not worry about tomorrow. Anxiety ruins allot of good things.

2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. …as I prepare to walk out the door to start the second part of my day, the first having been spend on the shore of the ocean communing with the dawn, I managed to find your words on happiness… Wow! Absolutely what I wanted to pack up in my bag of ‘stuff’ before leaving!
    I want to thank you for this post… I will do my best to pass its message on to as many people as I can today…

    “not CRAZY…but CRAZY HAPPY”

    …yeah, I think I can do that!

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