A little more on me

1) I think it’s vital to hang out with the opposite sex to maintain sanity. Most illnesses are probably caused by overdose of girl issues.

2) I had braces for 6 and a half years of my life. And yet there’s still a possiblity I could get them again.

3) I love to eat the bottoms of bagels… buns…. etc but muffins, it’s all about the tops.

4)Tracey is scared of the dark. Actually.

5)Sometimes my first reaction is either to jump or to scream… (referring to cases of a frightening movie… or occurence. not during a test or something)

6) I am a very rare person, I can touch my nose with my tongue, wiggles my ears and raise one eye brow. BUT… not too sure if I can do that all at once. 😉

7) I dream every night. Ask me sometime. You might’ve bee in one of them

8) I CAN drive a standard. LOVE it. Makes me happy.

9) I’m a horrible swimmer.

10) Shared a room with my brother AND sister for 8 years.

11) Music is my friend.

12) I’m  on crack. (just kidding. joke. )

13) I Have these overalls… and when I wear them…. I feel so indestructable. I usually ride dirtbike… go run in the bush or shoot pellet guns when I wear them. It’s like… superclothes.

14) I think the worst thing that could everhappen, would be going on a family trip (well not THAT, but that would be pretty bad) but on the way to wherever we were going, to be in a car crash and everyone in my family die, cept me and be awake for the whole thing.

15)I was in a spelling bee and got 3rd place

16) I have a shoe fetish. But …. unfortuneately it’s difficult finding shoes cuz I have size 11 shoes.

17) I thought I liked the smell of man, but I think my actual favorite smell would be metal grindings,a shop. Machine shop. With grease and metal and dirt and oil and gas….

18) Photography is the best way for me to express myself. I love it and think it’s one of the best hobbies around.

19) Would love to make you supper sometime.

20) I’d eat grapes… until….. until grapes were extinct.

21) I want to travel around the place, with a friend, and DO stuff on my bucket list……… YES

22) Has a theory…… if your not good at something…. think about what you are good at…. and then think… HAH….. I could kick someones’s butt at doing this.(but in nice words)

23) I LOVES SURPRISES>>> even if they are kind of sucky.

24) pet peve is definitely dirty rags in the kitchen. That smell. Gross

25) I also think… that no one will read all of this. Actually. Who really does. 😉

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