Get Over Yourself

There will always be a ‘reason’ or ‘excuse’ for our actions.

“My family was abusive” … ” I don’t have a supportive group”

“I was picked on at school” … “No one cares about me anyways”

Well, I got news for ya’ll. LIFE IS CHOICES.

Okay, sure we didn’t have a choice for us to be here… I’d have to give that up to our parents, and first of all, God.

But the fact is, we are here, and it’s no accident. So to live a life of purpose (a purpose you will probably never find out what it is…) You gotta get moving!

TAKE ACTION! this doesn’t mean to just go out and ‘live life to the fullest’ gorging yourself over donuts and cookies

nor does it mean that you can “live like there’s no tommorrow” and go joy-riding. OKAY… You CAN, but in the end,

live above regret.

Do not compromise beliefs, relationships, or another life.

And when you get all EMOOOTIONAL about how this and that happened and now you’re all messed up.

Look back and see just WHO made those choices. And I’m guessing no one FORCED you to be who you are today

Choose your life.

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