Be A Warrior

It’s been a while since I wrote and entry for my blog, long over due. However, this being said, WOW have a learnt a ton. Also am the strongest I’ve ever been.   You want to know my secret? Don’t … Continue reading

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When things get a little Rocky…

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Don’t give up,

Get back up, and brush off the baggage that you have been piling up.

Every moment in a day, a week, a month, an hour is a time to begin

It’s not about starting over its about moving forward

To dwell on things of the past, things completed and things that are not in your control…

well quite frankly aren’t worth any time in your little minds

To fret, to stress, to worry that you’ve either made the biggest mistake of your life, or even think how you could’ve done better….

Only gets you more down, and it’s like crawling on the ground counting the grains of sand that have no purpose for you.

Is it good to reflect? To move to somewhere healthy or positive?


At first if you need to jump, jump into arms of someone you can trust

If there’s no light near, use caution, jumping might mean setting yourself up for failure again

A fall could make or break you.

It’s not a break if you get back up

Each time you choose to do what you know is good, or keep on getting back up …. The STRONGER SMARTER and better person you will become

To know the good days, you also must know that bad.

Or else… what makes a good day good?

Take a breath, a look around and seek out light, comfort and truth

I don’t know if it’s about the race, or the journey or just the lessons we learn and what we choose to do with them.

I can’t help but think of it like training, you must have

endurance: to make it to the end

speed: to run past your struggles and negative in this world

power: overcome your deamons

strength: when the time comes to hold yourself up and someone else….

And not every time will you make it… but keep training

Keep trying

Keep moving

And catch your breath when you’re tired… because there’s someone there to help you on the way


This One is For The Ones I Love…

Where do I start…

I suppose I could start with thank you,

would be suited, and I’d like to thank YOU.

There has been so many days, hours, and years where¬† you’ve saved,

helped, and showed me so much.

I wish I had been more caring, more grateful, more sensitive…

but you never gave up on me.

You saw what I didn’t,

you gave me love in genuine ways…

Said “You can do it”

When I said ” I can’t”

Called me out on things, that I denied was harming me.

And helped me up when nothing else did.

I love you , and appreciate everything you have done to help me



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